Your new player

Disco aims to be a highly user friendly music bot. Disco is mainly controlled by buttons and has therefore no needs for commands (except for the setup)

Control your playlist

Here you see the player flow. It's meant to look like a regular player UI with intuitive icons ⏯️
You can play, skip, forward or switch the tracks just using the given interface 📱

Search Soundcloud

You can search for music on Soundcloud using the Add Tracks flow. It will come up with a list of matching results you can choose from 🔎

Add your own music

You can add almost any direct link to music files. Of course, YouTube links are supported. Even Soundcloud links and live radios are possible. Feel free to hear whatever you like🎶

Remove tracks

You can easily remove tracks. You con use the dropdown menu to select specific tracks or even delete them all using the red button 🚮

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